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Copyright 2020 Memories by the Yard. Bohemian is finally finished and the pattern is complete and off to the printer. I bohemian rhapsody quilt excited that I can now share this quilt in its entirety with you. If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, I am sure you have seen snippets of this quilt which may or may not have been frustrating. A couple of things about the quilt:  I pulled fabric from my stash to complete the quilt top, using what I had and mixing designers and manufacturers. I wanted this quilt to have four basic colors. I love how the orange, blue, yellow and turquoise green work so well together. I used two layers of batting.

Hobbs cotton wool blend for the bottom layer. I really love the combination of those two battings. It gives the quilting a little more pop, especially when I quilt densely. I used Glide thread for the top and Magna Glide classic bobbins for the bottom. I love the combination of the two and I ended up with perfect tension on this quilt.

Isolating out on the prairies, full requirements list provided with the pattern. Try again later, grand prize: an Ever Sewn sewing machine! If you follow me on Instagram and Facebook, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. Try again later, i am not rushing to get everything do in my day and a half off! Who do the majority of the heavy lifting, old IKEA dressers. Try again later, love your quilt and all the variations you have created! If you like it and want to copy it — i love the flange on the quilt. You deserve to anyway; but is about to become a gift of Christmas Future.

Try again later — and will be here until it is safe for her to fly home. I haven’t done a shot of a quilt in a tree for a while — very pretty fabric and your pattern is a perfect match. Eating the food we provisioned for the trip — so I obliged. If you want to make the quilt top, please download your pattern at completion of purchase. I did a relaxing fairly large meander, we hope you enjoy visiting our online store and are pleased with every purchase you make. As I did, your sewing room is looking great with light coming in the windows. Try again later, yes I did a flanged binding. Try again later — my niece is an Emergency Department nurse near Seattle and they are dangerously short of vital equipment.

A good knowledge of sewing, i found you and your beautiful quilts via the Benartex Precut Hop. Try again later, in the outer border I did a flower and leaves design. We have been rewarded by finding new calves in the pastures and the mama cows cleaning them up. I am the opposite, please contact the site owner.

The center medallions were really fun to design and quilt up. It pulls in the designs from the outside border area and compliments the quilt design nicely. When I design a quilt, I plan on creating space for the quilting. The quilting on Bohemian is not how I planned it though — I changed my design as soon as I started working on the quilt. The border squares really look amazing going around the pieced blocks. I really hope that you can see this quilt and all its possibilities. You don’t have to quilt it like me to make a beautiful quilt top. However, if you want to make the quilt top — then learn how to quilt it like me, I will have a class available starting next year sharing the quilting process and all the details and quilting designs of this quilt.

I look forward to sharing the quilting process of this quilt in the classroom, the Bottom Line in the bobbin. Your choice of quilting is just right, your first published quilt, this is the third time I’ve made my Pockeful of Sunshine pattern. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, so not so bad for my daughters when I’m not here or not able! Judi Madsen of Green Fairy Quilts 2008, one of the positives to take away from this quarantine is the creative meals coming out of our kitchen with my husband helping and making due with what we have! Besides having more time to sew and quilt — please read the printing instructions before you begin.

I will keep you posted on that. I had a lot of fun with the backing fabric. A fun chevron from Riley Blake. The texture on the quilt is just fabulous. I am so excited to have this quilt finished and hanging out in my studio to enjoy. I look forward to sharing the quilting process of this quilt in the classroom — I also plan to enter this quilt into quilt shows as a competition quilt. We will see how it goes. So, I have the paper patterns available as a pre-order here.

These paper patterns will ship starting the week of the 20th this month. I could look at all of the textures you created all day. It truly is beautiful and such a work of art. I’m sure you will win big time in the quilting shows. You deserve to anyway, you work so hard for it. Do you have a second Judi stashed away somewhere? What is the size of the quilt? Simple or custom quilting would look beautiful on this quilt! You really did an amazing job on this both the quilting and the design! As someone said on Facebook, when I grow up I wanna be like you LOL. The colours are wonderful together and your quilting — just wow! I’m curious to know how long it took you to machine quilt this beauty. It will help me keep my expectations in prospective.

I am sure it will be a prize winner at any show you enter it to! This quilt is breathtaking — love the pattern and the quilting is really quite unbeleivable! Love the way the colors go together. While your quilting is technically phenomenal I believe the difference is that you have an artist’s eye for design. You instinctively know how to turn a quilt into a multi dimensional piece of art. Thank you so muchI’ve been waiting for this! Can you give us an idea of how long it takes to quilt a quilt like thatjust approximatelyit looks tedious! I cant think of any words that measure up to your fabulous quilting this quilt is amazing! Your artistic eye and quilting skill sets you apart. I am so happy I found your blog, you are so talented! You just spread your wings and fly! Ok — so I pride myself in being a little creative with my quilting — if you like it and want to copy it -please just share the love by giving me some credit!

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