Chicago cutlerys steak knives

A set of handles standing upright within a grubby box of kitchen implements caught my eye while poking about a garage sale one day. But it was indeed a set of Chicago Cutlery. Many of the blades were poorly cared for, and some showed signs of active misuse. I scampered off with them and headed over to the local hardware store. The guy at the hardware store was impressed. He pointed out that the rivets chicago cutlerys steak knives the knives were brass. I’m not sure he’s right about the latter factoid, but I like the sound of the brass rivets part. Honestly, how much more 1980 can you get?

It doesn’t take a lot of graphic design research to smell 1979 on that one. I was off to Elbow Grease Alley to sharpen up my new set of knives. I’d love to learn more about these knives and how to use them. What specific cut is each knife designed for? The tip was bent when I bought it, and it snapped off while I was trying to straighten it.

It is by far the dullest of the knives, virtually unusable. I’m just starting to learn how to sharpen knives properly, and I haven’t been able to get this one sharp at all. It’s beyond my capabilities at this point. I’m looking forward to seeing what opens up. I had one that I purchased probably 35-40 years ago and I have lost it. I’m not sure where to learn more about these blades.

Web searches don’t turn up a whole lot, and asking around locally has turned up blanks as well. If you find anything, let me know. I love the old Chicago Cutlery walnut handled knives. I am a chef and I actively use 2 of them, the 61s and the 66s are in my knife bag and go everywhere with me they are half my knife set. I had nearly collected all of the model numbers, I find them at Goodwill and Salvation Army for less than a dollar apiece. I gave a young cook several so he has a set now. I want to restore my handles like yours. I’ve noticed that using the sharpening steel doesn’t really seem to have too much of an effect on the cut.

I really figured it was too narrow an edge, in my collection that totals 56 individual pieces I have 3 knives that almost the same size as the 103S steak knife. 1000 grit if you care to, in this scenario, tropitone is ideal for those who want to buy furniture for your garden. Really good quality knives, stake your claim to this Chicago Cutlery knife set.

If you find out, what specific cut is each knife designed for? Chop nuts and spices — be careful when sanding not to obliterate the emblem! If you get that catalog, they are very dull and I am unable to sharpen them. Side to Side: 0. Our daughter showed me the 2 last steak knives we gave her from that set when she left home; i’d not heard of it until now.

A careful pass over the whetstone would probably be much more effective. How often do you sharpen your knives? Is it something you do every time you use them, or more infrequently? Hi John, I don’t often sharpen my two Chicago Cutlery that I carry, they are special use only knives for me. All I ever cut with the 66s is cooked meat like a large beef or pork for a banquet, and I use it to skin Salmon fillets. These tasks don’t really dull the blades much.

I rarely use the 61s at my current job, I keep it as a poultry breakdown knife. I don’t often have whole chickens at work but I keep it with me in case. Dude, if you get that catalog, we should do some scans and put some of the pages up online. I’ll append them to this page as a reference for whoever else wants them. I’m definitely going to get a small coarse stone like you suggest and use it instead of the steel. When those blades are on there is nothing like them. You know what I would love to get my hands on?

Hopefully you’ll get that catalog and we can see the whole line! Hello John, I’ve not had any luck with the catalogue yet. I did contact them, but they only sent me the model numbers of their newer walnut handled line. They did however produce steak knives, and I do find them at the thrift stores also. I’ve been too busy working to go lately, but I will pick them up next time I see them and hold onto them for you. No worries they cost practically nothing.

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