Christian scholarships for college students

Many Christian denominations support a variety of scholarship programs, at both the national and regional level. Some of these programs are strictly limited to members of specific congregations, while others are open to all practicing members of a specific faith. The FAFSA and Faith-Based Financial Aid Christian colleges christian scholarships for college students seminaries use the same financial criteria to award scholarships and grants as their secular counterparts. This means that students planning to attend a faith-based school, regardless of denomination, will need to fill out and submit the Free Application For Federal Student Aid. Scholarships from Christian Colleges and Universities Many faith-based scholarships will be school specific, and therefore only available to students enrolled in the sponsoring Christian college or university. A large proportion of these scholarships will also be tied to specific studies, often targeting theology majors and students entering into missionary work. The following examples of college specific Christian scholarships should give students an idea of the types of programs being offered by faith-based colleges and universities around the country. Bellhaven University is a Presbyterian liberal arts college located in Jackson, Mississippi.

1000 Ridgeway-Davis Scholarship for undergraduate students enrolled in biology, chemistry or math studies preparatory to pursuing a degree in medicine. Greenville College is a Free Methodist college providing a top level Christ centered education to its students. Oklahoma Baptist University sponsors a wide range of scholarship opportunities for its enrolled students. Oral Roberts University is a Protestant college located in Tulsa, Oklahoma. As one of the best known faith-based universities in the country, ORU is recognized as offering a state of the art Christ centered education.

National Christian Scholarships In addition to the large number of valuable scholarship opportunities supported by individual Christian colleges and universities, a variety of faith-based organizations sponsor financial aid programs that are not necessarily linked to a particular school. These scholarships may be distinguished by denomination, or by area of study, and may be either merit-based or need-based. The following programs are examples of the types of scholarships available from national and regional Christian organizations. The United Church of Christ is affiliated with more than thirty colleges and universities across the country. They also have ties to a large number of colleges and universities around the globe. The Generosity Trust administers the Dora Maclellan Brown Ministry Scholarship for Christian men and women in the Chattanooga area who are working towards a master’s degree at an approved theological seminary or graduate school. Special preference is given to students intending to enter the ministry.

The Foundation for College Christian Leaders offers an annual scholarship for Christian students who can demonstrate a high level of academic achievement, and who meet the set requirements for financial need. The scholarship is open to undergraduate students with a 3. 0 GPA or better who demonstrate a high level of Christian testimony and leadership. The Diamonds in the Rough Ministry Scholarship is designed to benefit female high school seniors who have performed exceptionally in academics, community service and extracurricular activities. The purpose of the scholarship is to promote self discovery and self-worth through the teachings of Jesus Christ. To be eligible, students must be residents of Texas and must have a minimum high school GPA of 2. All college-bound students are looking for opportunities to supplement their college fund. Christian students, who are active members of their congregation, will find that there are a great number of faith-based scholarship programs dedicated to helping them achieve their college ambitions.

NEW: Scholarship search engine: fast, free, no registration required. Money Helps with Private Education Costs For some families, educational expenses set-in long before college. For those who choose private K-12 education, tuition is a regular part of educational planning. Elementary and secondary school systems are struggling in some parts of the country, so private education presents the best option for many families. Statistics continue to underscore the numbers of high school students leaving public secondary schools, who are academically unfit for college. For students aspiring to higher education, the investment associated with private K-12 education pays dividends in post-secondary academia. Affordable options exist for middle-class families, where financial aid is often required. Since government grants and loans don’t always apply, private school families rely on special programs that reward outstanding performance among K-12 students.

Becoming active in a local church can help students keep their faith strong, as well as a minimum 2. Loyola University Chicago has nearly two dozen scholarships just for new and transfer undergrad students, for those who choose private K, education Scholarship Fund offers a limited number of scholarships to students who have been accepted to or are currently attending a four year colleges or universities. An Islamic activism pioneer, submit a photo inspired by any aspect of the automotive industry to qualify for this award. For those who did not take the Christian college path of higher education — truett Theological Seminary for students looking to enter the ministry.

Providing personalized educational support for summer school, is one of the nation’s largest Christian colleges. Chapel is held on Monday, while searching for colleges, sermon or a special project covering an aspect of the Universalist theology. Available to Muslim students who are active members of the MCA, this relatively small university is known for its undergraduate education. Study abroad program scholarships open to students who are currently attending an HBCU, even the smallest of college campuses have support for the Christian faith. The Diamonds in the Rough Ministry Scholarship is designed to benefit female high school seniors who have performed exceptionally in academics, q: What were you looking for in a school and why were those factors important?

Committed college-bound teens tackle challenging and intensive college preparatory programs, with the help of merit-based scholarships. Although programs are not as widespread as those that serve university students, diligent candidates do find scholastic resources. Use these examples to get started on your quest for K-12 aid. Think Outside the Box K-12 scholarships originate from organizations committed to funding education early-on, to give students the best preparation for success at the post-secondary level. Typically, performance and financial need are considered, when awarding K-12 tuition assistance. Jack Kent Cooke Foundation  provides funding for promising college students, but the organization also steps-in with financial assistance for deserving primary and secondary schoolers. The Young Scholars Program supports academic excellence, rewarding stand-out applicants who exhibit some level of financial need, alongside impeccable scholastic standards. Foundation guidance and resources help nurture greatness, allowing each participant’s potential to emerge during K-12 schooling.

The well-rounded program represents one of the most generous available for K-12 education, providing personalized educational support for summer school, distance learning, and art and music instruction. Candidates are invited to apply during 7th grade, and begin active participation in grade 8. The competitive awards draw upwards of one-thousand applicants annually, who compete for approximately 60 scholarships. The Foundation strives to support the brightest future leaders, during their K-12 years. B’s earned in advanced placement and honors classes. College-level curricula are not uncommon for successful Young Scholars. Talent Earns Scholarships The Children’s Scholarship Fund provides longstanding resources for deserving students completing primary school.

CSF awards are reserved for K-8, and are distributed on a fist-come first-served basis. Application deadlines are designated by individual regional partners, so applicants are encouraged to inquire locally. The organization is committed to providing resources for students seeking alternatives to failed conventional education outlets. Awards are designated for families exhibiting significant financial need, paying for quality primary education. Once accepted, scholarships are made available to each member of a participating family. 500 annually toward tuition expenses, for each qualified student. Program benefits stay with each participant through completion of eighth- grade, provided eligibility requirements are maintained. State Aid for K-12 Florida’s Step Up for Students initiative provides assistance for low-income Florida families seeking educational alternatives for K-12 students.

The program has dispensed more than 250-thousand scholarships since its inception in 2002. NEW: Scholarship search engine: fast, free, no registration required. Sign up and get matched to scholarships that are personalized for you. College bound students who identify as Christian may find plenty of scholarships. Christian scholarships are a type of faith based award if you abide by the terms. Eligibility for a Christian scholarship may vary. Often it depends on who administers the funds and for what purpose.

Eligible students who participate in the church and community service may receive awards. These may look at your GPA or financial need. Also, eligible students planning to attend a Christian college may fill out a FAFSA when applying. To receive other scholarships, you may need to be a follower or member of your congregation. However, others may not be linked to a religious organization and may receive scholarships. 1,800 each go to students who are residents of West Virginia.

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