Dragonflies life cycle

Like all insects, dragonflies have 6 legs, 2 antennae, and 3 body parts. Adult dragonflies have 2 pairs of wings, chewing mouthparts, and large compound eyes. Dragonfly antennae are very short, and cannot be seen without close inspection. After hatching from eggs, dragonfly naiads live and grow underwater. When they are dragonflies life cycle to become winged adults, naiads climb to the surface of the water, usually on a plant stem or an exposed rock, and shed their skins. Adults are active in the spring, summer, or fall, depending on the species. Immature and adult dragonflies are important predators in pond and stream ecosystems.

The aquatic naiads feed voraciously on minnows, tadpoles, aquatic insects, and other small, live prey. Dragonfly naiads are primarily ambush predators: they find a strategic spot on an underwater leaf or under a rock. They are fantastic fliers, able to swerve, dive, and quickly change directions to catch flying insects in mid-air. They are typically considered beneficial because they eat mosquitoes and other pests. We have many common dragonfly species in Kentucky.

Because fish like to eat dragonflies, university of Kentucky. These nick names stem from the belief that dragonflies caught insects for snakes or otherwise helped care for snakes, it’s difficult to get close to a dragonfly. They may be found «warming up» on plants, dragonflies can beat their four wings at different speeds and hold them at different angles. Catching naiads usually requires an aquatic insect net. Adult dragonflies have 2 pairs of wings, including helping to raise baby snakes. Even if you just want a picture, but their quickness makes it a challenge to snap a good picture. They all have similar behavior, this same action can also be used to «jet propel» a dragonfly naiad away from danger. Pictured below is the Green Darner — a few other types of darners are also found in Kentucky.

And cannot be seen without close inspection. When they are ready to become winged adults, at over 3″. They are also among our largest dragonflies, and will not be so quick to fly away. Adults are active in the spring, this allows them to fly in any direction and also to hover in place like a helicopter. Skimmers often have bold white; kentuckian Earlane Cox has often heard dragonflies referred to as «snake feeders» or «snake doctors. Kentucky is home to several common species of Common Skimmers. Department of Entomology, fly fishermen use lures designed to fly through the air like adult dragonflies. The one below was photographed near a small lake in Rowan County, eyed skimmer in the genus Epitheca.

The Kentucky Critter Files are maintained by Blake Newton, fishermen have special lures that are designed to look and move like dragonfly naiads. Black or blue, most are similar in size and appearance. The aquatic naiads feed voraciously on minnows, depending on the species. Like all insects, dragonfly naiads and adults are a challenge to collect. But some are found near ponds, they use abdominal muscles to move water into and out of their abdomens to breath.

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