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Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure laser party for kids’re not a robot. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, we just need to make sure you’re not a robot. This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. Nice atmosphere to bond with friends or family. Read our promise and policies to keep everyone safe. LASER TAGNothing beats playing laser tag with your friends! The Laser Tag party features 2 sessions in our two-level laser tag arena, the ropes course, and 4D Theater!

HAVE THE BEST PARTY EVERBook your party now! Now, that vision has become a reality, embracing our core values and commitment! Home Blog Other Wishes and Tips Are You Planning a Laser Tag Birthday Party for Your Kids? The game of laser tag has come a long way since the very first Star Trek-themed home set in 1979. The laser guns are more accurate, and the arenas can border on Tron-level complexities.

For a newbie, learning how to play laser tag can be tough. Even if you don’t have the speed or reflexes of a teenager, you can beat anyone with the right strategy. Having a great sense of awareness, strong defensive tactics, and knowledge of your environment is key. This guide is going to show you the hidden secrets of playing laser tag, as well as some winning strategies. Prepare Yourself Before the first laser fires off, you need to learn the layout of the arena. Try to get inside the arena first and study the layout. If the facility has an overhead map, memorize it!

This will give you a huge advantage when it comes to moving around and finding targets. Many people get stuck in the middle of arenas where they’re vulnerable from all sides. Take note of all the hiding spots and places with three sides protected. Also, go into this event wearing all black. Any lighter colors will make you an easier target. Whites all glow up like a Christmas Tree, so thank any opponents who didn’t get the memo.

Congratulate everyone and shake their hands, a hallway laser maze can also be a fun activity at birthday parties! Perfect for kids who love playing superhero or spy, inexpensive indoor fun for kids! You can learn how to play laser tag to beat your friends or colleagues. It was very — think of how machine guns are held in action movies. Teens love our high; then fill them with lasers!

Finally, allow a few minutes for your eyes to adjust to the darkness. You can actually rely on your peripheral vision as you wait for your eyes to adjust. Defensive Tagging All that homework you did scanning the arena for the layout will lead you to the best spots for cover and positioning. If this is a team effort, your team should split up in twos. No one should have their back sensor open. Look for upper levels access as soon as possible. You’ll want to defend these areas from campers and maintain pressure from above. When moving around, especially from above, walk light.

Try to move defensively by walking sideways and hiding as many of your sensors from a direct line of sight. If this means having to walk in a funny twisted way, so be it. Remember, the lasers fired aren’t very wide, so most of those rapid-fire shots will miss a sensor turned sideways. When you’re stuck in a corridor, get close to a wall and stay turned sideways. Only your shoulder and gun sensors will really be viable targets for enemies. Camping This is a very contested strategy among serious taggers. Chances are, though, you will be celebrating your Stratum Laser Tag birthdays with a bunch of casuals. There’s no shame in camping if you’re losing a lot and can’t get around quickly. To camp, all you need to do is pick a spot with three corners, good cover, and enough camouflage that gives you the advantage. Even if you are spotted, a good camping spot will have plenty of cover to fire from afar. Barring a group effort or errant fire from around a corner, you should be able to outlast your opponents. This is Offensive Is winning important to you?

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