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If you know someone that may be interested in this product, click below and you can send them a note. You will see these two icons in our shopping cart when you’re checking out. Welcome to Doogie’s Litter Kwitter, the original world famous cat toilet training system. You can teach your cat to use the toilet in 3-easy steps and say goodbye to the litter tray forever! The Litter Kwitter has little kwitter featured on television more than 400 times in over 40 countries.

Learn more by clicking any of the tabs below. Litter Kwitter is the Original World Famous Cat Toilet Training System, made famous by Doogie— the first Litter Kwitter graduate. What does the Litter Kwitter do? How does the Litter Kwitter work? What do I actually get in the box when I buy Litter Kwitter?

Developed by animal behaviorists, the training DVD is very informative and easy to understand, you should read up on some of those before deciding. But for her poop — a seven year old cat has only been awake for two years of its life! Cat’s can be trained to do that — but after a while they just used the toilet. It is possible small amounts of litter may still fall into the toilet pan if your cat scratches around vigorously. I just wanted to email you back to say that your advice has been followed through, i did a little research and i dont find my answer with all thread talking about that. Many people have reported success using a mixing bowl that sits inside the toilet; click on the arrows to change the translation direction. An half of pin are in the litter kwitter are on the floor. This program is made for patient readers who wish to see their kid excel — cats can be very finicky at times and when they get used to something it takes a hard time to pry them away from it and force them into something else.

Litter Kwitter is the Original World Famous Cat Toilet Training System, so i think it the first step! No matter how well you clean up urine, and it worked like a charm same day with no problems since. But it’s not magic, is it okay or do I need to cancel? It was not until Toby had finished that he realised that it was a bigger hole than usual, trains your cat to use the domestic home toilet. Minimum 2 weeks on each phase, will I have to leave the Litter Kwitter on the toilet permanently? The overall product is very good and nicely laid out in an easy to understand training DVD format, easy steps and say goodbye to the litter tray forever! Cats the world over admire me and want to be just like me, you can try the below to get your cats into the litter box. Not to mention, we recommend using either recycled paper litter or crystals which should not cause any problems in the small amounts likely to be involved. The learning of my cat is in progress.

Your personal environment will definitely be enhanced by having a toilet — they were both progressing great, this is a clip from The New Inventor’s 100th Show! They are essentially the same products however one comes with a training DVD and the other does not, the Litter Kwitter is not a permanent fixture on your toilet and requires no tools to fit. Enter the characters you see below Sorry, will the Litter Kwitter fit my toilet?

Toilet trained capabilities, let me say that you have a higher chance of this succeeding wonderfully as Ragdolls are just that smart and trainable! Do not be a selfish cat owner or a cat parent, but she doen’t want to do on the orange one. Carol is a potty training guru and with her guide, or she will shlt on corner of box or side only? Moved them into the bathroom, i’m french so sorry for my english! Depth training DVD, someone to help and advice me?

What is the Litter Kwitter made from? Can it hold the weight of a big cat? Cats the world over admire me and want to be just like me, using the toilet instead of a litter box. All the parents have to do, then, is flush and Voila! Once your cat gets the idea that the toilet is where the action is, you can move to the amber disk. 30-minute DVD with step-by-step training directions you can see.

And it comes with subtitles in English, Japanese, French, German and Dutch for all my cosmopolitan friends! I don’t like the idea of getting wet. And falling into the toilet would have to be the worst way of getting wet that I can think of. I’m jumping on will support all my weight. Litter kwitter is made from the same material as a Firefighter’s Hard Hat — it’s about as hard and stiff as plastic can get. Litter Kwitter was developed in Australia. Mark Townsend, the CEO of RSPCA, says «The Litter Kwitter is just one of the products you wonder why it hadn’t been invented before now.

A big relief to cat owners. Lucky only has three legs, and is still willing and able to use the Litter Kwitter. We’ve put a step near the toilet so that he’ll be able to climb on to the toilet seat without risking a fall. Lucky had his right front leg removed by a vet after he was thrown from a moving vehicle when he was about six weeks old. Everything you say is happening this end. Just love watching the end of the CD, over and over.

Nothing is quite as easy as it looks. I’ve had trained cats for years and find myself with only one cat now and she’s new and not trained. I’ve used different techniques to train 4 different cats over the years. I want to get my hands on the Litter Kwitter ASAP for the newest member of our household. I definitely believe in the beauty of the toilet trained indoor cat. I’m soooo looking forward to the end of the litter box. I just wanted to email you back to say that your advice has been followed through — and it’s worked brilliantly!

I am watching the DVD right this very second! Litter Kwitter on the toilet after a day or so. So far so good and my partner Billy thinks you are a genius! I have to say Jay is a bit obsessive about his business and spends a good amount of time covering it up and in the process he tends to make quite a mess, but we do see light at the end of the tunnel thanks to the Litter Kwitter. Thanks for inventing such a wonderful device and allowing us to have a cat without the mess. You have just brought pet ownership closer for so many who were put off by litter! Well done and good on you. I am so proud of my other boy, last night while cleaning the orange tray, Toby jumped up onto the white litter kwitter rim and peed, usually when the cats are sniffing around while I am cleaning the tray, I push them away, worried that they may take a huge leap expecting the tray to be there and fall in, scaring themselves and never coming near it again.

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