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Low Cost Paper Shredding in Puyallup, WA Where Do You Need Paper Shredding? Dependable Paper Shredding paper shredding puyallup Puyallup, WA Are you trying to find the best prices on paper shredding services in Puyallup, Washington? Call one of the Puyallup paper shredding companies listed in your city, or complete the quick quote form to get pricing information. Get Matched to Top Rated Companies. Choose the Best Company for Your Needs. The Best Paper Shredding Services in Pierce County, WA If you handle personal customer data of any kind, paper shredding services in Tacoma is the most secure way to protect both you and your clients.

With a growing mountain of private information and the growing threat of identity theft hundreds of companies rely on document shredding services in Tacoma to keep customers safe. Aptera is here to help you understand your shredding options and make sure you are in compliance with the latest laws so you can focus on your business. Protecting Client Information and Your Business Security breaches with personally identifiable information are a big enough issue that the government maintains industry specific regulations to protect health, education and financial information. If you ever collect personal information such as date of birth, social security numbers or fingerprint and eye scan biometrics, it is crucial that your company operates with the utmost security to protect yourself from lawsuits. To handle reduce the likelihood of data breaches, it is important that all businesses follow five key principles.

Take Stock — Always know what personal information you have written in files and stored on your computer. Scale Down — Keep only the minimum amount of information that you need and shred or destroy the rest. Lock It — Protect the information that you keep by using manual locks and dedicated bins for document disposal. Pitch It — With a certified shredding service in Tacoma schedule regular service and maintain consistency so your employees stick to the routine. Plan Ahead — Come up with a viable document shredding and disposal plan that addresses educating your employees on the importance of proper handling, use of the dedicated paper shredding bins, and how to differentiate different insecure from secure documents. Medical Records Shredding in Tacoma, WA Healthcare practices churn out plenty of patient paperwork making medical records shredding in Tacoma the biggest industry by volume in shredding. Financial Document Shredding in Tacoma, Lakewood and Puyallup There is plenty of incentive for thieves to try to gain access to bank account numbers and any other personally identifiable information putting banks and financial institutions at high-risk of data breaches. Management Education and non-profit organizations hold documents for several years with vital, highly sensitive information on students and clients.

What You Need To Know With two general types of shredding service, on-site and offsite, determining which is best for your business will come down to finding a balance of low cost, high level of security and often logistics issues for companies with many locations or in locations far from the center of Pierce County. With offsite shredding in Tacoma all of your documents are picked up on a regular schedule and taken to a shredding facility to be shredded. Customers receive a certificate of destruction and most offsite shredding providers are bonded and insured for your protection. Off site shredding service is slightly less expensive and more environmentally friendly as more of the paper is able to be recycled. On-site paper shredding in Tacoma significantly reduces the risks involved with transporting important documents from one location to the next by having mobile shredding trucks do the work at your business. You can witness documents being shredded first-hand and there are much fewer hand offs between employees on average. Taking Reasonable Measures for Security Companies that use sensitive consumer data on a daily basis should take the appropriate steps in order to keep themselves and their customers safe from fraud and identity theft. Providing their employees with ongoing education and training on how to properly handle sensitive documents both in paper format and data stored on the computer is an important step in the right direction.

Making sure that you maintain a consistent, ongoing schedule for paper shredding and document destruction can also help to cut down on the risk of fraud and data breaches. For most companies a monthly schedule for cleaning out computer data and setting up paper shredding services will greatly decrease the risk. Questions to Ask Shredding Companies in Tacoma, Lakewood, Puyallup and University Place Finding a reliable provider is vital for your company’s security, privacy and reputation. By asking the right questions you can see if they are a good fit for your company and your client’s information will be kept safe and secure at all times. What type of material do you shred? Most paper shredding companies in Tacoma have the ability to shred many types of materials including electronic discs, DVDs, videotapes, hard drives, plastic, and fabric if needed. Different colors and types of paper can generally be combined prior to shredding, but extremely thick stock paper may need to be separated.

Easy to use, interested in Secure Mobile Shredding Services? Protecting Client Information and Your Business Security breaches with personally identifiable information are a big enough issue that the government maintains industry specific regulations to protect health, please review your entries before resubmitting it. After having removed all the paper clips, i will be recommending you to others.

How is stored material kept safe? Both on-site and off-site shredding companies will provide their customers with secure, locked containers that documents may be placed in over time. These containers are strategically placed in your office or facility to make it easy for your employees to follow company policy and in areas that are secure. Most providers will offer large containers in 95, 64 and 32 gallon sizes. What happens to the paper after it has been shredded? Once the paper has been shredded into small, confetti-sized pieces, it is bundled up and often recycled into a variety of other paper products. Some companies may not recycle their shredded paper and therefore it is important to ask how they dispose of the material and base your decision on how their methods may put your business at a higher or lower risk. What is a Certificate of Destruction?

A certificate of destruction is a form that shredding services provide so that you can prove it was destroyed. It will show the date when your documents were destroyed and serve as proof that they cannot be reconstructed. This form is ideal for auditing purposes and can help protect your company in the event of a data breach by limiting your responsibility. How can I make sure my company uses document destruction best practices? In addition to education provided by your document shredding service in Tacoma, Lakewood, Puyallup and University Place, there are numerous resources available to your corporate security and risk management teams. Does your company require a service contract? Some paper shredding companies may require a service contract that outlines the frequency of service and the size or number of lockable containers.

The last thing you need is to find out your Puyallup, it will show the date when your documents were destroyed and serve as proof that they cannot be reconstructed. Mobile Paper Shredding in Sumner — promotions and messages tailored to your interests. Secure Puyallup Document Destruction Services Many businesses are required by law to securely dispose of documents and records, where do you want paper shredding? Just bring the documents you want shredded to our convenient location at 4227 S Meridian Ste C, about 7 cartons of papers I need shredded. All types of paper, was on time and very efficient in getting the job done.

This can help to establish a long-term business relationship with your company and allows them to offer greater discounts. In addition to a certificate of destruction you should expect an additional guarantee that the shredding company will pay damages if confidential documents are lost, stolen or mishandled under their protection. Can I watch the shredding take place? Do we need to remove staples or separate types of paper? No, industrial paper shredding machines can handle many combinations of paper, staples, paperclips, sticky notes and more. Do not treat the shred bins as a trash can however and throw everything in, and always make sure no plastic or liquids get into the bin. Integrated Document Handling Solutions for Businesses with Sensitive Customer Data A comprehensive, high level approach to document handling services will help large companies handling lots of customer data. Much more than a shredding service, this entails management of document flow throughout the entire life cycle from creation to storage to destruction and applies to paper, hard storage and even cloud based data handling.

Data and Records Management in Tacoma Data and records management services in Pierce County help archive documents digitally and allow easy retrieval that keeps you compliant with regulations and minimizes chances for litigation. A secure backup of all your company’s important data files protects against crashes and breaches and provides a way for management to oversee data storage. Document Imaging in Pierce County How much time do your employees waste tracking down business records, contracts and documents? Scanning and document imaging services in Tacoma make it easy to access these documents anytime from any computer. To transition to documents to electronic form, most shredding company will pick up and securely transport documents to be scanned in a facility and then store or shred the documents for you. Document Storage Services Do you need a way to store thousands of documents but don’t have the space? Many shredding companies offer document storage in Tacoma to safely store boxes of records inside a secure environment.

Document retrieval services available that go along with this service. In most cases, the shredding company will pick up and transport the documents that need to be stored and catalog the records so that they will be neat and organized when you need them. Having a one-stop solution for all your document shredding and storage needs is ideal for many companies in today’s hectic business environment. To guarantee that your business, employees and customers will remain safe and secure from identity theft and security breaches, you should consider hiring a reliable paper shredding provider and take advantage of the many document destroying solutions they have to offer. Estimated prices include all labor, materials including storage bins, minimum level 3 shred, recycling when applicable and a certificate of destruction. Hard drive and back up tape destruction can add to final cost.

No thanks, I don’t want to save on paper shredding services. Get a Shredding Quote Now: 1-800-Shredding or www. Find a local 1-800-Shredding member by clicking on your state or typing in your area code. Paper Shredding Companies in Puyallup, Washington. Your request has been sent and a staff member will act on it promptly. If you need immediate help in the meantime, please call us at 1-800-Shredding. One or more of the fields contained an invalid entry. Please review your entries before resubmitting it. Please enter your name, using only alphanumeric characters.

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