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Over the years, there have been many rumours surrounding the rare blue vinyl edition of «Bohemian Rhapsody». Ironically, in light of Paul Watts’ recollections many fans have been under the impression that the single exists on purple vinyl as well as blue-albeit without a picture sleeve and the «A Night At The Opera» crest label. Fans forking out four-figure sums for original U. The blue vinyl has been counterfeited and the apparent tell-tale signs lie in the vinyl itself. The original is pressed in a translucent royal blue colour, while fakes are of a deeper, duller hue. It is possible to read the handwritten number only on one side of the disc. If royal navy bohemian rhapsody is present in the A-Side, then the B-Side misses it.

If it is present in the B-Side then the A-Side misses it. It is important to say that also unnumbered records are circulating in the collectors-circuit. EMI to ask for this item. By the way that’s why one of my friends has 3 of these records! Why some records don’t have the words «SPECIAL LIMITED EDITION» punched off?

That’s because the label has a diameter of 3,53 inches only and mycro-movements of the label during the realization of the item could generate this problem. That, however, doesn’t afflict the value of the item! Close-Up of the unnumbered edition, look at the center! The original record has the word ‘Blair’ in the run out groove. It is very slight but it is there. The bootlegs have not this word, so when you are looking a Royal Blue Bohemian Rhapsody in your hands look at this word to confirm that the item is genuine!

On Wednesday 26th July 1978, a special dinner was held at the Selfridge Hotel in London to commemorate the fact that The International Division of EMI Records Ltd had been awarded the prestigious «Queen’s Award To Industry For Export Achievement». Bohemian Rhapsody» single to mark the occasion. The single was pressed in a translucent royal blue vinyl, with a special purple and gold sleeve. As the interest surrounding the Award grew, more and more EMI staff became involved, and the occasion mushroomed into a corporate event, with EMI Records Ltd, as opposed to just EMI the label, beginning to call the shots. Well aware of how easily plans can go wrong, Paul Watts was wary about outside involvement in his Queen project: «I was told, ‘Don’t you worry yourself, we’ll take this over. Reluctantly, Watts agreed to let the team upstairs design the record.

The current high values are holding firm and even, eMI’s International Division was formally presented with the Queen’s Award To Industry for Export Achievement at a three, roy Thomas Baker. Lo and behold, think about it and then make up their own minds as to what it says to them». By the way that’s why one of my friends has 3 of these records! And disobediently played it a reported fourteen times on his two weekend shows on Capital Radio, they were central to what EMI was doing. » Watts remembered.

But as Watts had feared, the unexpected happened. Lo and behold,» he says, «when the record came back from the factory, it wasn’t purple at all, but blue! But all they could say was, ‘Hmm, looks alright to me. The blue vinyl was a cock-up! And as we only had 200, it wasn’t worth changing it. Down at EMI’s pressing plant in Hayes Middlesex, production controller John Tagg had no idea that the commemorative issue of «Bohemian Rhapsody» should have been purple. Acting on those corporate directives, he went ahead and ordered the required colour- blue. We made a number of records in various colours, but they were all run of the mill stuff,» he remembers.

The blue granules were specially formulated for this project. As well as these, all attendees would have had an invitation, a ticket and a menu. According to sources, it was largely pot-luck who at the dinner received which of the freebies and it was mainly first-come-first-served. A special «EMI Records International Division» outer-envelope was also manufactured. All the freebies seem to be much rarer than the blue vinyl records themselves. However, this is probably because they have become separated over the years. None of them mention Queen in any way, so someone selling their blue vinyl in the 1980s may not have thought the buyer would have been interested in a seemingly unrelated item. It is only in recent years that the full set of items has become desirable. Over the years, the «blue vinyl» has become the top-of-the-league item in any list of Queen collectables.

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