S hana roadmap


4HANA Wir räumen den Sand aus dem Weg, wenn Ihnen die Wüste mal wieder endlos erscheint. 4HANA, but you do not know when and with which steps to begin with? In order to migrate expediently, it is essential that you have the right s hana roadmap. The choice of strategy depends above all on the size of the company and its processes, as well as on the extent of the current SAP System. We make sure that the harmonization takes place without any data loss and provide you with efficient and according to your needs consultation about the most suitable strategy.

In the discover-phase a company-wide transformation strategy will be created. 4HANA and how to use it, as well as the new user interfaces of SAP Fiori. However, you can even now test the new interfaces in your current SAP System. 4HANA, an implementation scenario of SAP HANA with a strategy, individually customized for your company, should be created. The results of the first phase build the base for the creation of a digitalized project plan, as well as the build-up of the responsible project team.

Together with the stakeholders of your company, we plan the migration workshops. In these workshops, activities such as the linking the manufacturer and the client data during the system conversion are carried out. In the prepare phase, a prototype of the new SAP System will be designed. The basic framework for the implementation of a Gap-Fit-Analysis is built by the previous findings and the project planning. Future company goals will be included in the planning of the system, in order to preventatively fill in possible arising gaps. In order to reduce the resources and to achieve success faster, the volume of the productive database is greatly reduced in this phase.

In this phase takes place the final preparation for Key and End User training. Moreover, we implement the security strategy, created in the explore-phase. Extensions, such as the user interfaces SAP Fiori, are developed also in this phase. Within this framework, the customized custom code is thoroughly tested and adjusted. In order not to have any loss of performance after the Go-Live, the end user is trained in phase 5. During the training phase, the system is tested in details, regarding the user acceptance. As far as the implementation is concerned, all activities will be fully completed in this phase.

4HANA is ready for the transition. 4HANA is completed and is ready to use. 4HANA is finished, although it is not over, yet. One SAP System should be monitored, optimized and altered all the time. Innovations and their optimizations, to which the SAP System should react, will be planned in the future. In der Discover-Phase wird eine unternehmensweite digitale Transformationsstrategie erstellt. 4HANA sowie der neuen Benutzeroberfläche SAP Fiori kennnen. Sie die neue Oberfläche schon jetzt mit ihrem bestehenden SAP-System testen.

There is no non — 0 on the HANA database platform. In the cloud, services and products to help jumpstart your transformation journey. The only catch being we didn’t know what a modern blueprint looked like or how to develop it. If more than one user is listed, serving and value.

Die Ergebnisse der ersten Phasen bilden die Basis für die Erstellung eines detaillierten Projektplans sowie der Zusammenstellung des zuständigen Projektteams. Zusammen mit den Stakeholdern Ihres Unternehmens planen wir Migrations-Workshops. In diesen Workshops werden Aktivitäten, wie z. Verknüpfung von Hersteller- und Kundendaten beim Vollziehen einer System Conversion, durchgeführt. In der Prepare-Phase wird zudem ein Prototyp des neuen SAP-Systems entworfen. Das Gründgerüst für die Durchführung einer Gap-Fit-Analyse bilden die bisherigen Erkenntnisse und die Projektplanung.

0 data structures and application code. You can even now test the new interfaces in your current SAP System. 4HANA Cloud and on, they’ve just convinced themselves that they have. 4HANA brings measurable added value throughout the company. At the end of the analysis, so that you can identify what’s new in the areas that matter most.

Zukünftige Unternehmensziele werden mit in die Planung des Systems einbezogen, um möglicherweise auftretende Lücken schon vorbeugend zu schließen. Zur Verringerung der Ressourcen und, um einen schnelleren Projekterfolg zu erzielen, wird in dieser Phase das Volumen der produktiven Datenbank stark reduziert. In dieser Phase finden die endgültigen Vorbereitungen zur Key- und End-User-Schulung statt. Zudem implementieren wir die in der Explore-Phase erfasste Sicherheitsstrategie. Erweiterungen, wie beispielsweise die Benutzeroberfläche SAP Fiori, werden in dieser Phase ebenfalls entwickelt. In diesem Rahmen wird zudem der kundenspezifische Custom Code ausführlich getestet und angepasst. Zusätzlich zur Umsetzung der technischen Architektur wird auch die IT-Infrastruktur abgebildet sowie der Umfang der Produktiv-Umgebung untersucht.

Damit es nach dem Go-Live zu keinerlei Leistungseinbußen kommt, werden die End-User schon in Phase 5 geschult. Während der Schulungsphase wird das System bezüglich der User-Akzeptanz detailliert getestet. Rund um die Implementierung werden in dieser Phase alle Aktivitäten vollumfänglich abgeschlossen. 4HANA ready und bereit für die Umstellung. 4HANA ist komplett abgeschlossen und kann vollumfänglich verwendet werden. 4HANA, jedoch ist er noch nicht zu Ende.

Ein SAP-System muss ständig überwacht, optimiert und verändert werden. Innovationen und deren Optimierungen werden in Zukunft geplant, worauf das SAP-System reagieren muss. Um all diese Veränderungen durchzuführen und einen sicheren Betrieb zu gewährleisten, sollten Sie auf einem IT-Support zurückgreifen. How can we map all processes which will be further needed? How can all the data be transferred from point A to point B without any loss? How should the IT infrastructure look like, or in other words which components and hardware will be necessary?

4HANA you should pay attention in advance to five concrete points. 4HANA world within your current SAP environment. The more extensive your SAP System is the more custom code is located in it. However, you already knew that you could adjust many user interfaces to the new technology in your current SAP System. Prepare your SAP System for the migration. Perform all pre-checks and system optimizations before the project start and choose a strategy suitable for you company. You need help at any definite phase? SAP complements the modules, which the HANA core contains, thanks to regular updates. 4HANA to include further transaction possibilities. SAP ECC implementations and upgrades projects. SAP Activate leverages the SAP best practices to explore solutions for a company’s specific business scenarios and propose the most relevant solutions.