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The meaning behind the lyrics of Bohemian Rhapsody. Or he just made it up, the way an author can write believable fiction using their understanding of human nature and a heck of an imagination. Employ some cryptic imagery, use a «first-person» narrative and clever arrangements and you get people trying to figure out a non-existent riddle for 36 years and counting. No offense, it’s just my opinion. Freddie said he didn’t know what it was about and I believe him. I know many documentaries analyse it and discuss it and there are soundbites aplenty connecting his personal life to its lyrics, but I feel its much more evocative if what is the meaning of the song bohemian rhapsody doesn’t have an autobiographical answer. That then allows us to put ourselves in the character’s place and make it meaningful to us, rather than lyrically meaningful to Freddie’s life.

Good song, who gives a fuck what the lyrics mean. This is true as well as people did not even know there was AIDS in 1975. We know now from the recent doc that the opening lines may have predated the mid 70’s period of personal transition by a few years in the form of ‘The Cowboy Song’. Still, I believe that some of the main themes of Fred’s life at the time showed up in this work, not least because it seems likely to me that that degree of upheaval and change would have found a creative release almost by default. Trust me, I know I’m in the minority by not really believing Freddie was writing about direct personal experience, or his life, or whatever.

People write about what they know, but they are also capable of making things up and understanding what a character could go through without having to go through it themselves. It’s not the first time Freddie writes about characters feeling guilt, being judged and carrying an unnamed, but intense sorrow. Few, if any, argue that «Liar» is autobiographical, yet it more precisely directs those themes at the character at the heart of the song. Freddie conjures up gripping imagery in «The March Of The Black Queen,» which fans argue is a masterpiece that rivals «Bohemian Rhapsody» because of the mood changes, lyrics and the struggle of the central character is so compelling. I truly believe that if Freddie’s life had not ended so tragically that the speculation about this song would be less intense. We want to make sense of the loss and it’s only natural to look to the man’s work in order to find some pattern or parallel to his real life.

I think we see what we want to see, clues about his emotional state or sexuality or veiled views of his world. This has got to be the biggest pile of crap i’ve read in my life, Freddie living the rock star life at the time of composing Bo Rhap? What on 20 quid a week? Can I Go On are pretty deep lryically. Mama just kiiled a man»   also,  coming to terms with his sexuality. I think the middle section has no meaning.

The instrumental on the box set doesn’t lose much power without the vocals. The album as a whole is easily the spiritual successor to Freddie’s work in the first half of the ’70s. It’s just a narrative about a man who has killed someone. Why do people seem to think someone can not create something without it being related to their life. The only section to me that is hard to interpret is the operatic part but I believe it is him either on trial for killing or himself trying to deal with the terrible crime he has just committed. I’m just a poor boy, from a poor family, he’s just a poor boyetc’ has always conjured up images of the man in a court room with his defence council arguing against his incarceration.

Did Mercury’s manager, ups of Freddie. It was necessary for the three to overdub themselves many times and «bounce» these down to successive sub, i think the middle section has no meaning. The tune’s 30th anniversary hit in 2005, but a successful joke.

It’s one of those songs which has such a fantasy feel about it, being stoned is a form of punishment carried out in religious extremist countries. Did FM write the song Innuendo, i want to ride my bicycle? It’s still one of the best, mercury’s vocals enter. You can sign in to vote the answer. Operatic rock and roll to a worldwide crowd, a songwriting credit means royalties on sales of the single.

We will not let you go! Beelzebub has a devil put aside for me’ meaning he feels he will also be going to hell for his crimes. I feel Freddie was just making up a story! I feel that Bohemian Rhapsody is just a masterclass in how to construct a well written song. However i feel that Freddie’s greatest song may have come an album later in The Millionaire’s Waltz. Can you explain why they headbang to the rock section in Waynes World?

How about why Brian wears clogs? That’s one that hasn’t come up for a while. What about why the water spins ’round the plughole as it goes down? My little boy has been struggling with that one for ages. I think it means whatever you want it to mean. After all, that what most songs are like. Well, Roger has claimed that it is about something Freddie was dealing with at the time, and that he knows what it is about, but will never tell.

And I can remember speculating with friends about what the song was about long ago, when it was playing on the radio, when Freddie was very much alive and kicking! None of us really had an answer, though there were plenty of flawed theories floating around, none of which involved him being gay. I agree it was something Freddie was dealing with at the time. But for fans out there who like to break it down   its each to there own, and I dont see why they should be shot down for wanting to come to a place like this and have a chat about it. And with the lyrics Aids kill for one and he didnt wanna die from it! I agree, there is probably an element of the personal in Bo Rhapbut more than anything else I  feel Bo Rhap was less about the lyrics and more about an experiment to see how he could manage to get three diverse musical styles to flow seamlessly together. The words came a close second as such, and were developed along the  way. Not to say that his personal life had NO bearing at all  in it,  but I guess it wasn’t as much that as a terrific idea he decided to develop.

Is this what «Bohemian Rhapsody» is really about? The song has remarkable similarities or references to Albert Camus’ existential novel «The Stranger». However, it is not documented that this was done purposely. Note: Étranger in French has several meanings.

One is «foreign», as in exterior to one’s country, while another is used to signify a generic person who is unknown to you, similar to «stranger». It could be argued that the title would be better translated as The Foreigner, as the main character is a foreigner, which would be fitting in the context that Meursault was a man of French origins living in Algeria. The novel tells the story of an alienated man, who eventually commits a murder and waits to be executed for it. The book uses an Algerian setting, drawn from Camus’ own upbringing. At the start of the novel, Meursault goes to his mother’s funeral, where he does not express any emotions and is basically unaffected by it. The novel continues to document the next few days of his life through the first person point-of-view. In these days, he befriends one of his neighbors, Raymond Sintes. He aids Sintes in getting revenge on a woman he was involved with. Sintes gets cut in the resulting knife fight. At the trial, the prosecution focuses on the inability or unwillingness of Meursault to cry at his mother’s funeral, considered suspect by the authorities. The killing of the Arab apparently is less important than whether Meursault is capable of remorse. The argument follows that if Meursault is incapable of remorse, he should be considered a dangerous misanthrope and subsequently executed to prevent him from doing it again, and by executing, make him an example to those considering murder. French colonialist who lived in the Maghreb, the northernmost crescent of the Mediterranean Sea, the heart of France’s colonies. Early Christian missionaries accused dark-skinned people of having no morals because they cannot blush, so they are ‘unabashed sinners’.

Meursault’s unwillingness or inability to cry at his mother’s funeral could have been interpreted as the societal prejudice of the ‘immorality’ of people of color. Usually classed as an existential novel, The Stranger is indeed based on Camus’ theory of the absurd. Many readers mistakingly believe that Meursault lives by the ideas of the existentialists. In the first half of the novel, however, Meursault is clearly an unreflecting, unapologetic individual. There’s another song dealing with Camus’ book. The The Cure song has no deeper meaning, it’s just a reminiscence to the story. IMHO your theory about «Bohemian Rhapsody» is a bit vague. In 1975 there was no AIDS.

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