Buy many assets 10 years ago, that is, in February 2009, it was scary. The height of the global crisis and the collapse of the stock market them rapidly devalued. But the most courageous and persistent investors can be rewarded for their patience: bought # 10lets can be sold with great profits now. Or keep on to sell even more expensive.

We counted the yield of various tools for 10 years in rubles. In the calculations, we took into account the course difference in assets in currency, as well as income tax. Thus, the results collected in the table are as close as possible to the real. We did not take into account only the commission for the management of asset — they are too different: can be from 0.45% in the case of ETF traded on the Moscow Stock Exchange, up to several tens of percent with active assets management.

Overtook inflation and showed the yield more than 100% even such a conservative tool as OFZ (taking into account the coupon income). At investments in the OFZ two main advantages: There are benefits on personal income tax, plus it is quite reliable investment — while with finances of the Russian Federation everything is in order, the country will pay on ruble debts. However, the OFZ is at risk with a sharp «drawdown», for example, as the result of regular sanctions. To minimize the risk, you have to use only the most «short» paper, and in this case the yield is less. Shares of Russian companies turned out to be an increase even taking into account the tax.

But even more they earned those who invested in foreign assets. They played the ruble drop in the arm. The MSCI USA index, reflecting the dynamics of more than 600 largest US companies, brought fearless investors who did not scare «at the bottom», more than 614% yield. A Russian citizen 10 years ago was not easy to invest in this index. But 5 years ago on the Moscow Stock Exchange

The results of investment in gold look relatively modestly. «Eternal value» burly expensive in 2009-2012. The ounce of gold rose in dollars in 10 years by 40%, in rubles — by 150%. But the investment in the metal can be useful for

Here is the profitability of investments in the capital real estate

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