It sounds incredible, but maybe the foundations of financial illiteracy are laid in us … Stars of show business! In the West and in Russia are full of hits, which, if you carefully listen to the text, teach challenging and irrational to handle money.

Hymns wastefulness completely and are found in Western hits. We brave careless attitude towards money and pop diva, and rappers. Here Cardi B in his Hita Bodak Yellow declares: «I see expensive shoes: one with a red sole, some blood-red — I come to the store and take both pairs, I do not want to choose.»

Tyga in the song Cash Money boasts that it buys the most expensive role -akes and can «throw money into the air» if he wants.

But the chorus of the song Rent Pet Shop Boys: «We will never quarrel and never consider how much cash has spent.»

And even Jennifer Lopez in the ballad Love Don’t Cost a Thing, although she sings that for the cache you will not buy love, says: «It doesn’t matter if you spend the money right and left, the main thing is that you treat me well.»

In Russia, the money is taken to relate to death. Nevertheless, even the grouping «Leningrad», which, with difficulty, can be accused of borrowing themes and motives, as the same rappers, direct text talks about money: «They need to spend, not to save.»

What is the harm: not only investors, but everyone who has a head on the shoulders, understands that everything is spent — dangerous, it is better to postpone a small amount every month. Optimally — from 10 to 20% of your income.

The reverse side of the waste — feverish, nervous accumulation. Fear of losing all savings from the USSR. Remember the porch phrase «Keep money in a savings box office» from Ivan Vasilyevich? The episode with the robbery of the Shpak apartment reflects our deep confidence that theft or force majeure lie on every corner and in any institution that takes money to himself. Neither the Soviet nor Russian stage about such, of course, did not say. But in children’s films, and even in a satirical key — more like! This is what the «Adventures of Buratino» has been taught with young nails:

In general, you will run money or attribute to the bank, everywhere you will find any cat Basilio and Lisa Alice — and cried your money.

What is the harm: the risk of losing money can always be reduced to a minimum. Invest in smart, for example, in

This idea you will find in the culture of any country, but there is little where she passed on as well as in Russia. In many ways, it is simply because we are in principle are not accustomed to and do not like to understand financial intricacies (therefore, for example, the detailed Russian romance about business, as in Europe, you will not find, because all this money canifer is such a boredom on the background of deep existential problems). Threw the firewood into the fire of hatred of finances and the USSR. Soviet citizens actively tried to reconcile with a poor life, and instead of the ideals of capitalism, the socialist values ​​of collective affairs and employment enthusiasm were offered. Worked — and still works!

As a child, we had a song from the cartoon «Treasure Island» about the boy Billy, who loved the money, and did not even notice that the usual love for the accumulation of money for some reason automatically made Billy Thief and Pluto! And now we love to shout together with the group «Lyapis Trubetskaya» about capital, which appears in the form of a real monster («I eat the city, I will write down the seas»).

For the West, such attitude towards money, of course, wildness. Is that some pop diva like Jessie J will raise the riot against hanging the price tags for everything and all (hit Price tag).

What harm: money itself, of course, is not evil and a terrible demon who takes the soul. All demons are sitting in our heads. And because you will learn to multiply your income, you will not become a bad person.

This idea is more from the past. But the Great Past! Golden hits still convince us that the routine earnings are unlikely to bring you a state, but a happy case — more like! Recall Hit ABBA — Money: Options to get rich in the heroine only two are rich in the bride or jackpot in Monaco Casino.


And Money for Nothing Group Dire Straits perpetuated the idea that DJs are branded on telly guitars and get light money, while simple hard workers install microwaves and deliver refrigerators for pennies.

What is the harm: Today, the cult of monetary good luck is clearly visible in rap hits — its authors often boast that the cache is touching them and it is enough, they just go to the scene and squeeze something a couple of times. Decaying the monetization of the star status is meaningless (enough just to read how much commercial posts are in Instagram of Ceboribriti). Nevertheless, most of the listeners of boastful hits are ordinary people who will not shine money. But for the profit-making investment does not need a million subscribers in social networks and clips with billions of views on YouTube.

The last myth sounds like this: if money came, then they must be big! Otherwise it is not money. Western rappers and pop icons are sophisticated, picking up metaphors in order to describe their wealth. Here is Rihanna, for example, Bitch Better Have My Money: «I’m fierce more than Lebron» (Lebron James, one of the highest paid basketball players in the world).

Having heard endless lists about what thousands and tens of thousands spend the stars, showman and comedian Sergey Mezentsev recorded a song in the image of the LIL DIK rapper called «Pugong» (the hero instead of the phone uses a thick bundle of money).

But the idea that money is always «a lot» — even artists are supported, far from irony. Remember Zemfira. «What is money?» «She wonders the question and herself answers herself:» Multiplyed laziness at a wish to play a large play. «

What is the harm: to earnings Rihanna or Zemfira, most of us do not shoot, but it is absolutely normal. And in general, to start earning, you do not need to possess millions. Investment tools like

Whatever we sang the «birds» of show business, you can not earn not only stars rich in brides and greedy boys, but do not make money out of money at all. Moreover, a good investor who is reasonably disposed of by its finances, rather can manifest himself with a decent person, supporting his family and relatives.

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