Do not get tired, do not consist in the trade union. Automatic trad controls are moving in many countries. Robbob trains run B.

Robots are indispensable wherever a person is very dangerous, for example in a burning building. The French company Shark Robotics has developed a robot-fire «Colossus», he

Attract attention, they do not get tired, always polite — these are robots-promoters. For example, the model called Pepper works as a consultant in Nestle Japanese units. In Russia, robotic promoters produces Promobot. The results are impressive: selling flowers in one of the shopping center, robobo promoter

Factory processes were automated for a long time and everywhere, however, Chinese Changying Precision Technology Company went even further

The first robo-edvizers (automated financial consultants) appeared in the USA back in 2008, and then

In 2014, the total number of assets under the control of robo edveasers worldwide

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