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Step 1.

The budget can be planned on the family financial advice, so that all — including older children — they understood why such decisions were taken, and could express their opinion. Just like that according to

Step 2. Collect the numbers.

Step 3. Establish priorities.

Analyze the data and decide what you can spend money more rationally. Among the costs there are mandatory, for example, utility payments, mobile communications, etc. They do not have nothing to do anything with them, but even here it is useful to see if tariffs were updated, for example, cellular operators. And if you plan gifts in advance for birthdays in advance, you can push and buy them at a profitable action.

Optional expenses to reduce easier. Make your own rating: from the most important to those that consider almost unnecessary. The upper lines can be optimized from the lower — refuse.

Step 4. Come up with remuneration

To live when everything is painted, not easy. Therefore, it is important not to overload a stick with cutting expenses and ensure that the budget compliance does not become for the family to torture. Experts advise at once to reduce costs no more than 15%. And you can also come up with little remuneration for yourself and loved ones. For example, if at the end of the month, the amount for unforeseen expenses remained untouched, part can be spent on a trip to the restaurant or weekend outside the city. Or every six months allocate some money on the execution of accumulated little desires.

Step 5. Plan the income.

The budget is not only spending, but also the receipt of money. And above this part, too, you need to work. Even if the wages will not be raised in the near future, other options for increasing income can be considered. For example, a regular bank deposit will bring 6-8% per annum in rubles, and

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