Active trading is always held in high esteem by Hollywood. And not only because aggressive trading is reckless, effective and supposedly promises quick profits «out of thin air». Unlike those who rely on long-term investments, for example in

Not the most exciting, but quite reliable drama, perhaps about the largest financial pyramid in history. Robert De Niro plays Bernie Madoff, NASDAQ chairman and creator of Madoff Investment Securities. The financier crossed the line of the permissible, and his brainchild slowly turned into a bubble. What Madoff, under the pressure of the 2008 financial crisis, confessed to his sons, and they, without hesitation, surrendered their dad to the police. The result is sad: the family breaks up, Madoff is sentenced to 150 years in prison, and hundreds of thousands of pyramid clients lose $ 64.8 billion in total. The film shows in all its colors the consequences of dishonest actions, and the scriptwriters, not embarrassed by the words «volatility» and «hedging», explain the essence of the financial machinations of the great liar.

The incredible story of a broker and «millionaire for an hour» Jordan Belfort has been exciting the minds of Hollywood filmmakers for a long time. The most recent biopic was created by Martin Scorsese. Leonardo DiCaprio’s bright sarcastic portrait of a swindler is a great attraction in itself. However, much more bizarre binges with orgies on airplanes and crazy office parties with dwarfs are impressed by the method of “selling” cheap and fake stocks to potential investors. The result is $ 200 million in financial losses for Belfort’s clients. And although it is in the 1990s, the method of aggressive selling and chatting up customers on the phone has changed little. And the real Belfort, like the hero of the film, after serving 22 months in prison, was safely released, wrote a book about his life and conducts seminars on sales techniques, sometimes even in Russia. Watching the film is worth at least for the sake of a brilliant scene performed by Matthew McConaughey.

The tape came out ten years earlier than «Wolf», on the fresh trail of the Belfort trial. This is again the everyday life of an unscrupulous firm that gut the wallets of the middle class and creates artificial demand for shares of closed or fake companies. Only now everything is shown through the eyes not of the boss, but of the novice manager. (Another newcomer here, by the way, Vin Diesel is one of his first movie roles). They come to the «boiler room» for the dream of a Ferrari and quick millions — and on the way to it they will stop at nothing. In one of the episodes, the protagonist calls the manager of a gourmet supply company and coaxes him into investing in cheap stocks that are «about to take off.» And when the stock falls, he persuades the naive client to give up all the family’s savings. And if you take off your rose-colored glasses, imagine yourself in the place of the deceived father of the family — it’s as easy as shelling pears. And, having presented, think about how to build up capital systematically and gradually, without falling into traps.

The ambitious Boiler Room youths loved to quote Gordon Gekko, the idol of the Wall Street brokerage world, one of the most famous films about the «brutal world of cash.» Oliver Stone gave an Oscar-winning and credible picture of the cuisine of large investment corporations and their unpredictability. And Michael Douglas and Charlie Sheen flawlessly played the duet of the old Wall Street shark and the young naive broker. “Greed is good,” Gekko declares openly. And after Shin’s hero shares inside information with him, he first invests in his family company, and then decides to sell it piece by piece. Having entered into a fight with Gekko, the main character ends up behind bars. Another touch to the portrait of Wall Street living by the laws of profit at any cost.

This time, Richard Gere is in charge of the dizzying hedge fund fraud. And I must say, of all the villains, this one evokes the most sympathy. Having unsuccessfully invested in a Russian copper mine and burned out, an enterprising and determined millionaire is going to get rid of an investment firm and a bunch of problems with deceived clients as soon as possible. To do this, he gets into debt, goes to forgery and adventurous machinations, in the process trying to save his family and face. He can’t get out of the water dry. And although Gere’s misadventures worry the director much more than financial nuances, the film is worth watching, if only to be sure: just one fatal mistake, and even the most successful hedge fund will collapse like a house of cards. It will not hurt a private investor to think about diversification once again.

Perhaps the most sumptuous demonstration of the dangers of being led on brilliant promises by the flabby, bald, but invariably gorgeous Matthew McConaughey. The tape is also based on a real scam: in the mid-1990s it was cranked by the Canadian company Bre-X Minerals Ltd. The founders of the company said they had found a large gold deposit in Indonesia and attracted many investors. The company’s capitalization on CAD was $ 6 billion when it turned out that no gold existed: the samples were forged. As a result — huge losses of all players, which is shown in detail and not too dramatically in the film. But it is not hard to imagine what kind of tragedies such mistakes turn out to be for ordinary investors.

You may ask: where are the films about passive investments? Well, if someone dares to shoot a «blockbuster» on this topic, it will surely become one of the most boring in the history of Hollywood: no dramas, no dashing plot twists, no enchanting collapses of hopes — sheer quiet prosperity. On the other hand, do you need a new «Boiler Room» to be filmed based on your biography? So let it go

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