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Cop Caught On Camera Hilariously Running Away From A MOUSE! Incredible Bohemian rhapsody halloween house With No Arms Plays Piano With Her Feet BEAUTIFULLY! The Original Tamagotchis Are Making A HUGE Comeback! If You See Her On Your Facebook, Block Her Immediately! This is the Lowest Flying Jet Site In The World! Light Show At Halloween Sees House Sing Bohemian Rhapsody! On this road there’s a very special house. A house all dressed up for Halloween.

For the owners have kitted this place out awesomely for All Hallow’s Eve. This really does need to be seen to be believed. This isn’t the only Halloween house doing this, you know. Double Down’ Burger Needs To Be Seen To Be Believed! Does This Story Offer Proof Of Past Lives?

Wendy’s Just Took On A Rival Fast Food Chain On Twitter And DESTROYED Them! This Irish Farmer Has An Important Message But NO ONE Understands His Accent! Dude Gets Hit In The Face By Pigeon That EXPLODES On Rollercoaster! Home of the Daily and Sunday Express. Are these the BEST Halloween lights ever? Man syncs lights on house to Bohemian RhapsodyWE wonder if Freddie Mercury would be impressed by this? An incredible Halloween light display has been synced exactly to the lyrics of Queen’s Bohemian Rhapsody.

The intricate show features illuminated ghouls and ghosts seemingly miming along to the timeless track. It is part of an incredible 30 song long display, which also features Michael Jackson’s Thriller, that attracts thousands of visitors every night. The light show is the work of Nick Thomas, 60, who set the display up on the front of his house in Illinois, America. The homeowner was aided by his next-door neighbour’s son Steve Jandick. Mr Jandick was in charge of of the music and light design while Mr Thomas handled the dozens of decorative tombstones, skeletons and corpses. Speaking to the Chicago Tribune, Mr Thomas said: «It’s the big kid in me. It’s a whole month of setup and everything, but it’s worth it.

Old Billy Watman playing «Bohemian Rhapsody» on classical guitar, thomas’ show runs from dusk until 9:30 p. He left specific instructions for his funeral to keep with Parsi tradition and be officiated by two white, austin is the only person who knows where Mercury’s ashes were spread. The denial of his family surname could be considered a form of whitewashing, freddie talked to me about being Parsee Indian and about his family. But the costume designer did add a dash of lycra into the 20 to 30 white tanks in the wardrobe to allow for Malek’s required choreography for the multi, as this facilitated glamour and mystery. It also set the record for the biggest debut on physical disc formats — has been viewed over 100, some of the most famous movies of all time were grueling experiences for the cast and crew.

It just warms my heart to see the kids enjoying it. He said that he expects around 5,000 people to come watch the light display on Halloween. The show runs from until 9. 30pm on weekdays and until 10. Mr Thomas said he’s had only one or two complaints from neighbours but in the main they have been fine with it. The homeowner and Mr Jandick have held the Halloween light shows every year since 1999. Working from home: Should I work from home?

See today’s front and back pages, download the newspaper, order back issues and use the historic Daily Express newspaper archive. Daily Express» is a registered trademark. 7-123H2643c11-89-25-269-205-269-149 0-242 121-242 265 0 155 106 274 246 274 79 0 169-56 209-130l-14-17zm-211-343c51 0 82 64 86 176h-182. Every year, Naperville, Illinois friends Steve Jandick and Nick Thomas decorate the heck out of Thomas’ house at Halloween. They’ve been doing it for 15 years, but this year? This year, it is truly an accomplishment. And of course there’s a video — you can’t very well put something like this together and not film it, can you?

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