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Bohemian Rhapsody with Austrian brass band ‘Mnozil Brass’Voices and brass in inventive cover version of Queen classic. Singing fish sing Bohemian Rhapsody on a Volvo! Spotted at the Houston Art Car Parade. Weird and funny, but is it art? Queen’s classic song arranged for solo viola and orchestra. Bohemian Rhapsody, arguably the greatest pop song ever, destroyed at Glastonbury 2015. This is 3-year-old Queen fan Holly Lee.

The story of a poor boy who needs no sympathy. It had become a habit to sing Bohemian Rhapsody on the way to school, and depending on traffic, the song ended just as school arrived. Ah, the Summer of Love, a period of time in 1988 where hedonism, ecstasy and care-free raves set the precedent for everything else that followed. 100 tracks that surrounded the era seem like a good place to start, but for this, we needed to enlist some experts who lived through it both in front of and behind the decks. Danny Howells, Dave Seaman and Darren Emerson are staples of British dance music. We asked the guys to share some of the most seminal tracks from the legendary summers of 1988 and 1989, just when the scene starting to explode across the UK and Europe. David Seaman: The ultimate summer of love classic. That sublime arpeggio and bassline combination topped off by Jamie Principle’s soulful vocal still creates goosebumps to this day.

I had the honour of interviewing Frankie at his home in New York in 1988 when I was Editor of Mixmag. He was the originator and a true gentleman to boot. Danny Howells: Derrick May is someone who will inevitably feature quite prominently in this list. Derrick May, pioneer and true genius. Darren Emerson: Without a doubt this is one of the classics of all classics. When this track was dropped at any party the place would go absolutely mental. The piano mix was the one that everyone got hooked on.

A thing of soulful, almost haunting beauty. 000 remixes in existence — most of which stick very true to the original. Danny Howells: Coming in at the tail end of 1989; that this was considered the sound of Underground Italy at the time.

Number 1 Rock Anthems Of All Time, the catchy flute riff and a the cool saxophone got stuck in the head. For a recent update that retains the heart and soul of Knuckles’ mixes but with a very respectful modern edge, big smiley faces and hands in the air for this one. I starten af 70erne møder den unge immigrant Freddie et lille band, thousands of revellers in a field dancing until the sun rose was suddenly not uncommon place. Drama og kærlighed — trademark Fingers baseline and rattling high hats. Bandet har en fremragende kreativ periode, darren Emerson: For me this Chicago acid track is the one for me.

It’s a masterpiece that still holds up today. Dave Seaman: I remember hearing this for the first time on the Hacienda dance floor and it completely blew my mind. I don’t think I’ve ever run up to a DJ booth to find out the name of a track quicker in my life. There was no Shazam back then! It was like it had just landed from out of space. Danny Howells: The sheer definition of classic — a word that gets so badly overused, but is totally appropriate here. It’s amazing to think this is 30 years young — it still sounds so fresh to me. Danny Howells: You could not escape Soul II Soul back in 1989.

I was probably a bit of a latecomer. I think I heard it on the radio long before I heard it out, and it simply stopped me in my tracks. Darren Emerson: This was the game changer. Considered one of THE 1st acid trax. As soon as the kick drum and cowbell came in you knew you were up for a 11 minute acid trip . Strobe and smoke machines at the ready. Darren Emerson: Up there as my all time favourite Acid Trax .

Machines are taking over Mark Imperial bang on this groove. Danny Howells: Another 1986 Chicago monster, this time from the mind of Larry Heard. This set a benchmark for deep house, and is another track that was played for many years. It’s embarrassing to think that when this was recorded I was probably still overdosing on my Mai Tai and Jimmy Nail tapes. Dave Seaman: Starting as they meant to go on, this Hartnoll brothers debut heralded their arrival on the scene with some fanfare. They even took their name from the newly opened M25 motorway which provided easy access to the areas of outer London where most of the big Raves took place.

Dave Seaman: A vocal anthem that captured the positivity of the time. A genuine hope of better times ahead. Danny Howells: The fusion of indie and dance might not seem like much now but at the time it was a pure revelation. Happy Mondays were pivotal for me, and the Rave On EP from which this came took everyone’s breath away. Danny Howells: Listening to these songs again, some for the first time in ages, I’m struck by how contemporary some of them sound. Dave Seaman: An exotic, sax led, bird sampling, truly unique oddity from the Manchester outfit who were one of the first real UK dance acts to emerge from the scene.

Darren Emerson: An absolute classic from Chicago’s Hotmix 5 label. If you wanted the party to step up a gear, you just had to put this baby on and the place would erupt. Dave Seaman: Seminal emotional masterpiece from Frankie with a young Satoshi Tommie on keyboard duties and Robert Owens on vocals. A thing of real unadulterated beauty. Dave Seaman: To a British public unused to the concept of all-night alfresco partying, the long hot summer of 1989 was a revelation. Thousands of revellers in a field dancing until the sun rose was suddenly not uncommon place. It was an epiphany which certainly left its mark on John Marsh’s Beloved. This crossed over into the UK pop charts in the autumn.

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