All ETF on the Moscow Stock Exchange is traded behind rubles. Some currency ETF can be bought for US dollars or euros. We understand how it works.

Recently, you can buy an ETF on the Moscow Stock Exchange

Planning to sell ETF for the currency in order to receive cash dollars or euros, find out which broker limits on the sum of the output, is it possible to get cash at the box office, how much will the currency transfer from the brokerage account on the currency deposit in the bank.

You can also purchase currency ETF on IIS — an individual investment account. Lifehak (implementation depends on the broker): Create rubles to Iis, convert into dollars or euros, buy currency ETF. The main thing is to find out in advance whether the broker has been allowing the purchase of currency to IIS and trade in ETF shares per currency. Many large brokers (for example, VTB) provide this service for many years, but some brokers have not yet had time to configure such an option.

What is the meaning of the purchase of ETF for the currency (dollars or euro)? There is no particular sense — it is likely that it can be just more convenient to the investor. The yield of investments in any case depends on the change in the basic asset, and not on what currency the action was purchased. The taxation of the security is not changing — the NDFL 13% is charged with the financial result with the calculation of the tax base in rubles. Thus, as more convenient, it is necessary to make deals.

It is important to distinguish the currency of the transaction, which was concluded above, from the currency of the Foundation is a currency in which the value of the fund’s assets is calculated. In addition to funds in rubles, dollars, the euro from Finex has funds in Kazakh tenge and British pounds. Investing in them through the Moscow stock exchange, you can, in addition to the profitability of ETF, earn money on the growth of the fund’s currency relative to the ruble.

Sometimes the Foundation produces two classes of shares, for example, from the Cash Equivalents Foundation are two. FXMM — ruble fund, shares currency — ruble. But in the dollar class of shares of the same FXTB fund, the shares currency coincides with the Foundation currency: in both cases it is the US dollar. The same situation with Finex Tradable Russian Corporate Bonds Ucits ETF Foundation. Ruble class shares — FXRB, dollar — FXRU.

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