Endowment life insurance (NSL) is a relatively new financial service for Russia, but thanks to aggressive sales by bank managers and “independent” consultants, everyone is hearing it. The income from the NSA is small — on average 3-5% per annum in rubles. This is even less than for bank deposits and does not protect the investor from inflation at all. Why is there a demand for NSJ policies, and is it worth giving in to the persuasion of a bank manager?

How a regular life insurance policy works

How does NSJ work

Why is NSJ so attractive? By concluding one contract, you seem to be catching two birds with one stone: you have protected yourself from unforeseen situations, and the money will bring some kind of income. But as in any “too convenient” offer, there is a catch here: the income from the housing insurance can be zero, that is, it is not guaranteed. Therefore, a bank manager acting on behalf of the client should not mix insurance and investment. For protection against truly unforeseen circumstances, you can use a regular insurance policy, and for savings — invest in a balanced investment portfolio. So you will be insured against accidents with the ability to protect yourself from inflation and get

When it comes to a balanced investment portfolio, investors all over the world prefer to use for its formation

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