We understand what the «early pension» is and whether it is possible to accumulate at it at middle age.

Earn the amount on which you can live without working — many are striving for this purpose today. No seriously.

Financial independence is needed that in the heyday to throw a permanent, but not bringing the pleasure of work and to do the end of life than you want. Rail to children, breed mini-pit, grow araucaria, volunteering, in the end. This is called an «early pension.»

At first glance, it seems that only the younger generation is 20-30-year-olds — they will have time to scat enough to start living «for themselves in 40-50.» After all, for this they have a lot of time. In fact, this is not: in 20-30 years, income is usually low — this is still the beginning of the career. A lot of expenses have a lot: you need to shoot or, as an option, buy housing, which means to invest and take a mortgage, payments for which many years will eat a significant part of income; Rail children — while they are small, the income at least one of the parents will grow slower or not at all.

As a result, young people are often unable to postpone and invest enough to quickly form capital, percentage of which you can live already in 40-45. But this does not mean that the «early pension» for young people with medium salary and mortgage is unreal. It just comes later — and it is not so bad.

Thanks to progress in medicine and growing quality of life, people live longer. WHO long

In order to work longer, there are also advantages. And they are not exhausted by a stable income. First, an elevated level of happiness as a result of the decision «all to quit» is not eternal. He

In a word, to start to save on an early pension in 40-45 exactly not too late, and perhaps even easier than in 25: income on average above, and less expenses. To form

For example, the shares of the index stock exchange

Shares of stock funds (ETF), unlike shares of individual companies, provide access to a whole sector of the economy or national market even with a small starting capital. In addition, ETF is protected from the risk of capital loss due to diversification: even if one company burst on the market, it will not affect the entire index in the long run.

Form a portfolio from ETF can

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