Deciding on how to deal with the apartment, people are often guided by false arguments. For example, that housing in Moscow is always needed, which means «the price will always grow.» This is not true.

But in the long run, the cost of housing is changing unpredictable, as it depends on the overall economic situation.

Therefore, to say how much your apartment will cost in a year, five or ten years, it is impossible. Hope for a sharp rise in economics is now there is no reason.

Rental rate depends on the same factors: the area, area and quality of housing. After renting an apartment for a short time, you will earn less:

by 10% — if the apartment is rented for 5-6 months;

15-20% — if the apartment is rented for 3 months;

by 30% — if the apartment is rented for one and a half months.

The demand for rental housing in Moscow is consistently high, but the rental rate still depends on the overall economic situation and the solvency of people. Therefore, calculating the yield of such an option for a period of 10-20 years, it is necessary to keep in mind the possibility of both growth and falling prices.

It remains to calculate how much money brings real estate if you make it work. Perhaps it is more profitable to immediately convert housing in cash — and put them in a more profitable tool?

Real estate is a psychologically comfortable asset (usually they say, «at least you can touch the walls»). True, the apparent reliability is the path to the missed financial benefit. A potentially option with the sale of an apartment may be more profitable than with its use for renting.

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