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Yes, the headlines often fall stories designed for clicks and awakening greed, but not all of the gold, which promises 500% per annum. Here are some tips,

The son of her mother’s friend, comrade at work, the former classmate tells how «invested the money» and now have

You are mistaken if you think that financial pyramids remained in the 90s with MMM. On the contrary: on the Internet, creating such schemes is much more convenient for fraudsters. Such stories are called Haip-projects — from English HYIP, «Investment projects with high yield.» Identify them quite simple: you are offered to invest online with the «guarantee» of high regular payments and promise bonuses for attracting new investors. At the same time, information about who stands behind the scheme and where money really go,

Stop keeping money in dollars and euros: we live in a digital era, the future for cryptocurrencies, bitcone is about

Maybe the future is true for cryptocurrencies, but this is, as they say, not exactly. But risks with them are completely specific: from

To give a stranger to high percentages — a great idea, because everyone knows that banks are evil and constantly refuse loans to reliable borrowers. Fortunately, in P2P-loans, you can help you make a good person and earn great!

P2P lending («Peer to Peer», or «from man to man») or «crowdlending» — the phenomenon around the world is relatively new and

Friend who passed the webinar on the trading has already earned millions on Forex. Nothing if you do not have enough money — you can always ask «Credit Shoulder»!

Presents CB RF

Facebook and Google once were startups — and those who saw them now

Do not hurry to become a business angel, this is a pleasure, first of all, for very secured people. They can afford to go on the risk of irrevocable loss of part of capital, but for normal people such risks are rarely acceptable. Attach all the money in a friend’s company, who invented a new Uber or Instagram, is noble, but, as a rule, not paying off. Survives

However, if you read this blog, you already know: a bet on the shares of one company or one project is always akin to a casino game. Just in order to level the risks, investors form an investment portfolio from different groups of assets or, in one word,

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