You can reduce the overpayment if you do not allow annoying errors when making a loan. We disassemble the seven most expensive misses of the mortgags.

And the mortgage rate will be higher — by 1-3 percentage points. For example, Promsvyazbank issues a mortgage without an initial contribution under 12.5% per annum, and if you make at least 10-15% of the cost of the apartment, the base rate will be at least 2 percentage points below.

If you postpone 20 thousand per month, then, for example, the initial contribution of 2 million will be accumulated in 8 years and 4 months. It is clear that you can’t save a big amount, but the longer you are waiting for, the further dream of your home, the more risks and above the price of the apartment, because no one has canceled inflation. You can postpone on a deposit. Now replenished deposits give about 7% per annum, but usually they are open only for 1 year. So long to fix this bid will not work — with a high probability it will decline. But suppose that in the coming years the middle rate will remain 7%. Then 2 million will accumulate after 6 years and 7 months. And if you invest in a reliable index rate with a yield of 12% per annum, then after five and a half years.

Before making a mortgage, it seems that there is nothing complicated in payment of the loan on schedule. To pay for it without failures, it is better long before contacting the bank to start conducting a family budget. Understand your income, disperse with expenses and check whether each month is allocated to allocate the amount necessary for a mortgage.

Professional to payments is expensive. Avoid penalties will help the financial airbag — it is good to have a good amount of 3-6 mortgage payments for the Safety. That is, not to let all savings on the initial contribution.

Usually banks loyal to «their» customers, because their financial behavior is known. And for a new rate can be up to 2 points above. For example, Sberbank

If you do not design it, you can get an additional 1-2 points to the mortgage rate. The same Sberbank, for example, adds 1% per annum. Insurance is a useful thing. But it happens that your ideas about the risks and submission of the bank are much diverged, and then your insurance rate (and it is calculated individually) will be too high. Often, banks have their own insurance companies, but the cost in them may be higher. Consider how much your insurance will cost in other insurance companies. Carefully count how much you will ultimately pay with insurance without it. It makes sense to refuse, only if the insurance is noticeably more expensive. If the same amount or a little higher, it is better not to risk.

At the time of the mortgage, the purchased apartment is pledged by the bank. But there are additional ways to guarantee the bank that you will return the debt (and therefore reduce its risks and your bet): attract co-coaches, place the available property. The size of a mortgage rate with additional support may be several percentage points lower than when loan only secured by the acquired real estate.

For mortgages, three types of tax deductions are available that allow you to return the paid personal incomephoda:

Spouses when making a mortgage together can take advantage of these deductions by doubleing the amount of Ndfl’s return.

Do not miss the opportunity to get money from tax and direct them to early repayment of the mortgage to reduce overpay.

All these errors are a mortgage of several percentage points to the rate, which consists in a serious amount. With a loan of 6 million rubles, taken for 15 years, an increase in the bet in just 1 item already gives overpay of hundreds of thousands. And if you allow several misses at once, you can overpaid millions.

Remember that the lack of the initial contribution is not always the advantage of the bank’s proposal.

Before getting a mortgage, start managing the family budget and create a reserve in order not to be overwhelmed.

Use the loyalty of banks for existing customers.

Do not refuse personal insurance for the sake of savings.

Offer the bank of co-coaches, guarantors, the key to the available real estate.

In a timely manner, refer to tax deductions.

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