We deal with consumer weather dependence and save up to 30% on purchases dictated by the weather and the change of seasons.

According to statistics, in July our expenses are always

In the heat, we are thirsty, and in the cold, we want to keep warm. If you spend 150-300 rubles to buy water and coffee on the street, several tens of thousands of rubles will run up over the season — you can buy yourself a new smartphone with the money saved. Get a handy reusable water bottle and thermo mug for hot drinks and refill at home and in the office. By the way, refillable bottles now

Sunny weather at any time of the year cheers up. For any living creature, the most natural way to express joy is physical activity. If you are spending a sunny weekend near the mall,

Lack of sunlight in the fall and winter negatively affects our mood — and here again lies a trap: shopping raises our mood, so during the long autumn and winter months we risk spending more on unnecessary purchases.

With the onset of cold weather, many of us continue to ride summer tires until it becomes dangerous for others, that is, until the first icy ice. Then they are forced to buy a set of the most expensive tires (the rest have already been disassembled) and are recorded in a long queue for tire fitting.

In much the same way, only without queues, there is an emergency purchase of a new coat or boots. When the first frost is on the street, it is useless to look for promotions and sales, you will pay the full price.

Make it a rule to renew winter clothes, shoes and winter tires in February-March — with maximum discounts

Do not be afraid that a pragmatic approach to spending will rob your life of spontaneity and bright colors. Everything happens exactly the opposite, the horizon of your planning not only lengthens, but also becomes wider: by regularly postponing and

Winter Holidays — New Year, February 14 and 23, March 8 — invariably

Just say that, for example, you no longer want to cook Olivier and give expensive champagne a dozen guests whom you don’t see the rest of the year. And you really want to cook mulled wine and guess at the Golden Calf.

If you give your parents an expensive present on the run, they will, of course, be glad that you have begun to make good money, but they will be saddened that you do not have time for them at all. Your attention is much more valuable to them, and the evening spent with them will be the most expensive gift for them. A trip with children to a water park or an ice rink means much more to them than a new gadget, even if they don’t yet understand it. A big house party will delight your friends, the time spent together will be remembered, and not impersonal gifts.

Do not overeat at the festive table, moderation in food will increase the quality of your holiday. It’s not even about giving up favorite and long-awaited goodies, but about the amount of food. Stay physically active, if you play sports, continue exercising as you would on weekdays. Healthy habits are not easy for you, do not put yourself in a situation where after the holidays you will have to restore them from scratch.

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