Thinking about the second highest? The crust of a state university will cost from 100 thousand to a million rubles, but often does not affect future income. We figure out when the costs are justified and how to invest «training» money with maximum benefit.

Second higher education in Russia — paid: tuition fees per semester at a state university

Often, the desire to get a second degree is associated with career ambitions and financial well-being. According to

In addition, specialists in endangered professions and people who have become disillusioned with their first profession or have chosen the first specialty not of their own accord, but, for example, under pressure from their parents, are interested in obtaining a second education.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the MBA (Master of Business Administration) programs, which apply to current and future leaders. An MBA can be helpful and at some point give a career advantage to ambitious candidates over other peers. According to the portal

But the MBA cannot be called a stepping stone in a career or a guarantee of high income: even graduates of the Wharton School of Business (one of the most famous international business schools)

You don’t have to be a student again to get a promotion. The necessary skills can be pumped for free (or almost free).

Every year, LinkedIn, a professional job search network, prepares

They cannot be automated in the near future, which means that they will be relevant and in demand for a very long time. The ability to quickly adapt to new conditions, work in a team and convince other people is the most popular request of recruiters. Add time management and creativity to problem solving, and you become an indispensable employee for the company.

You can upgrade soft skills and even acquire a new profession on your own using online resources.

Coursera, EdX, as well as Russian, GetCourse and Axel provide an opportunity to take most of the courses for free. You pay only for an electronic certificate, the average cost is from 1.5 to 6 thousand rubles.

Listen to TED talks on your way to work — the platform has a lot

You can improve the skill of self-presentation during an interview in training services

If you saved money for a second higher education, but decided to try to get additional education for free, do not rush to spend everything. «Study» money can turn into additional income that does not depend on the employer.

If the budget of the magistracy is worth 300 thousand rubles to invest in the stock market

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