Investing is not easy for a normal person.

Even if you cope with these difficulties (after all, when you don’t understand something, over time you can make an effort and figure it out), suddenly … our brain gets in the way of investing! After all, you know what you need to invest, otherwise it is difficult to create capital for retirement, to achieve financial goals. Inaction here is a direct path to unpleasant consequences. But instead, the brain succumbs to temptations: spend instead of saving and investing. The brain is distracted, responds to vivid images, and undergoes cognitive biases.

Let’s imagine: you have done all the necessary preparations, read for inspiration.

How can you help your brain decide on the first step? Maybe a chocolate bar?

Scientists (as in finance, psychology and cognitive science should rely on the achievements of science) do not know the exact answer. Some say that sugar (more precisely, glucose) is the main fuel for the brain, and by giving the brain a “refreshment” with chocolate, you will greatly help it. Others argue that this is a bad idea.

A word to Irina Yakutenko, author of the popular

Well, are we eating a chocolate bar, science tells us? After all, investing requires at least «gathering will in a fist.» Maybe there is a second opinion?

Of course there is: this competent approach to investing in general has not changed since the 50s of the XX century. In contrast, in nutritional science, the news under the heading «At last everything is clear now» comes almost every day.

So, many nutritionists will tell you that a chocolate bar is a bad idea. The result of such «investment preparation» will be a sharp release of the hormone insulin, and then a sharp drop, thus, a swing harmful to the body will be launched. The result is stress, anxiety, and irritability, which are of little help to the intelligent investor.

So a balanced diet,

The main thing is not to wait, but to act!

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