For decades, buying an apartment in our country was considered the most reliable and profitable way to invest free money. But in the last couple of years, the attractiveness of real estate as an investment tool has been declining. And the Russians are starting to look towards other instruments.

In 2018, Russian users were 19% more likely to search for information about investments. The biggest gains were in brokerage accounts and ETFs (Exchange Traded Funds). ETF inquiries are up nearly 80%.



Bank deposits are also losing popularity. Two years ago, they were the second most popular way to invest money, and they became the fourth.

It is logical that Russians have new favorites among investment instruments. The second and third places in the NAFI survey about the profitability of instruments are taken by:

· Gold is a protective asset that almost never loses in value;

· A currency that has become attractive after the catastrophic depreciation of the ruble in 2014-2015.

You can invest in these tools in the old fashioned way: buy bullion or cash. Or in a modern way — invest in an ETF: a FinEx Gold ETF or a FinEx Cash Equivalents UCITS ETF tied to the value of gold, investing in short-term US Treasury bonds and hedging risks in dollars.

Yammi’s entry-level portfolio already includes ETFs for gold and foreign exchange defensive assets, while the premium portfolio also includes ETFs for equities from developed and developing countries (USA, Russia, China, Australia, Germany, Great Britain, etc.). This approach provides broad diversification across assets, countries, currencies and helps to protect assets from market fluctuations. According to our estimates, more and more Russians are moving from passive approval of investments to practical steps.

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