A wedding is a rare event and people tend to spend too much on it. For example, all your savings or even a loan. We calculated how much a wedding costs and what will happen if the “wedding” money is not spent but invested. Spoiler: you can buy an apartment without a mortgage!


In the regions, the amounts are slightly less frightening: most weddings are organized with a budget of up to 700 thousand rubles. A celebration at sea and in the mountains (in Sochi, in Krasnaya Polyana) will cost an average of 1 million rubles.

Where does the money for the wedding party come from? Lovers spend their savings or credit on her. By

It is difficult to predict the wedding budget: only at the planning stage, it can increase several times. Many people expect that the guests’ cash gifts will cover the costs, but their hopes are not always justified. In addition, a magnificent wedding does not guarantee family happiness. If you organize it on credit, then the relationship is reversed: financial difficulties give rise to tension, conflicts and can lead to divorce. By

If you really want to get married, first analyze your financial capabilities:

Decide what kind of wedding you want: gorgeous (1-2 million rubles), medium (700 thousand rubles) or chamber (150 thousand rubles).

Each one draw up his own personal budget for the year.

Determine how much each of you can save for the wedding each month (while you should also set aside at least 10% of your income in personal savings).

Calculate how long it will take to accumulate the desired amount.

If you are satisfied with the result, check within 2-3 months whether your plan is correct.

Did you manage to postpone it? If not, cut back on your wedding budget and rewrite your plan. If you can, think twice before ditching your savings on a two-day party. After all, there is a smarter way to use this money.

See what happens if you invest the budget of not the most expensive wedding (300 thousand rubles) in securities using

Now let’s get back to emotions: consider what will bring you more joy — a limousine, a veil and a banquet, or your own apartment? Be happy and use your savings wisely!

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