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Deposits have ceased to be a useful way of investing funds — first in euros and in dollars, and now it is the turn of rubles. Instead of placing ruble funds on a deposit, you can place them in a money market fund

Vladislav disciplinedly directs 10% of his salary to a deposit in Sberbank, saves and creates a safety cushion. Its rate is only 3.75%. What if you open a brokerage account with Sberbank, instantly transfer money to it, and buy FXMM shares?

Figure 1. Average return on deposits versus FXMM

In addition, FXMM allows you to manage your finances quickly and conveniently. Here are specific examples when FXMM

FXMM’s annualized return based on growth over the past month was 6.12%. By

The main difference between placing money on a deposit and investing in FXMM is that in the case of investing in a fund, there is an opportunity to get a higher return if the rate goes up, but there is also a risk of getting a lower rate of return if the rate goes down. In case of a deposit, the rate is fixed for the period of its validity. For example, having placed a deposit for 3 months, after its expiration, you will have to face the problem of placing a deposit on new terms. By the way, the savings account does not have this advantage either — on it the bank can lower the rate at any time unilaterally.

If you have a brokerage account, try placing free rubles not on deposits, but in

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