Major banks do not accept euro deposits. In the best case, clients have access to an account in euros with a rate of 0.01%. Some banks even impose a fee for the use of such accounts. Banking instruments for savings in euros do not work as expected. There is no profitability on them — and, unfortunately, the sanctions risks have not gone anywhere.

Euro rates are zero and will not rise in the near future. Banks refuse to open deposits in euros. Instead of a deposit in euros, you can buy a «package» of Eurobonds and receive a yield in foreign currency, and, if necessary, sell for euros.

To solve the problem of investing in euros, you do not need to look for “which bank is more profitable to invest money at interest”. There is no need to give up on safe investments and go to banks with low ratings.

You can invest euros in an instrument that gives you a high profitability —

Past investment results do not determine future returns.

And most importantly, you can always sell shares through a broker on the stock exchange in euros, rubles or dollars.

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