Gold is one of the most ancient investment assets. Already in the times of Egyptian pharaohs, this metal was unconditional value, Meril of wealth and power. Over time, as humanity has invented new financial instruments, the role of gold changed, he had more and more competitors. But in our age of stock markets in it remains relevant. Why? Now explain!

Case in the unique properties of gold. First of all, it is a rare metal. In its pure form, gold occurs infrequently, it is difficult to produce it, and world reserves are limited.


Another reason — gold has unique physical characteristics. It is soft enough and easy to handle and the alloy with other metals. And the gold is resistant to the effects of acids and other aggressive substances, not rust — the products of it can be stored for centuries. Therefore, it was from the gold of centuries in different countries that the most valuable coins were minted.

With the advent of paper money, gold began to be used to ensure their cost. And things from gold are the same jewelry — from ancient times there were an important investment instrument: due to the value of metal, they could always be sold at a good price.

Today, the demand for gold remains high and that is why:

· Gold never sharply falls in price, in contrast, for example, from oil.

· It does not depend on the economy of individual countries.

· His reserves are limited: in the entire history, humanity was mined 170 thousand tons of gold. In the year, this figure increases on average for only 3 thousand tons.

The limitations of gold reserves gives him another important property: this asset is not subject to inflation, in contrast, for example, from stocks or money (and the other can always be printed in large quantities). It makes gold excellent


There are several factors on the price of gold.




With the growth of China’s welfare and India, the demand for gold in these multiple countries is growing: there is gold a traditional savings tool. And the gold is an excellent current conductor, it is used in the production of electronic devices, this also affects the increase in demand and price of gold.

Landmark for world gold prices — the London Metal Exchange, this is the largest market of precious metals in the world. The price here is calculated twice a day (this process is called «Fixing») in three currencies: dollar, euro and pound sterling. In accordance with the fixing, our Central Bank calculates the price of the precious metallol in rubles. Focusing on the Central Bank, commercial and government banks establish their sales courses and buying gold.

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